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Theresa D Metcalfe

Theresa D. Metcalfe

Theresa D. Metcalfe was born and raised on the Southside of Chicago. Her dream was always to become a teacher, even as a young girl making her cousins play school. During her professional career, she has been an educator, social worker, entrepreneur, and now an author. People often view her as a librarian type, but she is not what she appears. She is silly and a jokester, and she often leads her husband, sons, and grandkids in a fit of laughter over the silliest of things. She loves to travel, read, and she cannot go a day without watching one of her favorite top 50 TV shows. Theresa’s goal in life is to help as many breast cancer patients and survivors as possible.

Theresa is the tenacious and transformative founder of Phoenix Survivor Network. She strives to inform and support women who are battling or have battled breast cancer ensuring they recognize while it can be scary, this life-changing event can also be positive. Theresa is the proud mother of two amazing sons, Nana T to two beautiful granddaughters and loving partner and wife to Walter for over 28 years.